How to have a pleasant fishing day

pleasant fishing day

Fishing is a great hobby as well as a great professional activity. Most recreational fishermen either do this activity for fun, prestige, or for a great bream meal at the end of the day along with the family. But being frank, fishing can often turn out to be quite boring because you either chose the wrong period or the wrong lake or not catch one fish during that day. It may also become frustrating that only small fishes catch the hook. Maybe you forgot some essential gear? The amount of things that can ruin your day are endless, but there are some general guidelines in order to be at least confident that you will have a great fishing day.

I will start by enumerating the type of gear you need to be sure is in your bag.

  1. Enough line

fishing line

Yes, you might not get to meet that 50 lbs. fish which only lives at the bottom of the lake, but line always tangles and breaks in various vegetation and not having enough to replace it can ruin your entire day.

  1. Extra hooks

fishing hooks

These often get misplaced, and since they are small, they are easy to forget at home. Since the fishing line can often break, the hook will obviously remain stuck in the fish, vegetation, etc. That is why you need to carry extra hooks just in case. See how I do not talk about extra bobbers. That is because those float and are easy to find if anything happens, although it wouldn’t be wrong if you added one or two extra bobbers to your backpack.

  1. Extra everything

fishing equipment

I do not advise to get anything that you don’t really need but when speaking of items that you feel you might easily lose like sinkers, lures, line cutters, etc. then you need to get some extra pieces of those as well.

  1. Worms or the bait you prefer

worms for fishingGet enough worms and preferably go for the bait you like. It makes everything easier.

  1. An outdoor watch and a smartphone

fishing stuff

I am not a fan of smartphones but they come in pretty handy sometimes. You might want to look up something about a type of fish on Google, or entertain yourself when nothing is on the hook. An outdoor watch or a G-Shock is also a must because these offer great tools like a compass or different useful sensors for various situations. While G-Shocks, in particular, are not fishing watches, there are a lot of versions with sunrise and sunset data, moon phase indicators and all that which can easily be used by fishermen. I could mention the G-Shock GWM5610 and the Seiko Prospex Marinemaster SBBN035 which are my favorite.


Now that was the gear. What about other aspects that can help you have a good fishing day?

  1. Keep a positive attitude

Think about the positive aspects of your day and try to relax. You will find that very easy to do since you are surrounded by nature.

  1. Do not despair if you haven’t caught anything in hours

It’s not about what you catch but how you felt doing it. You may catch a lot of fish and still be unhappy. Try to concentrate on other aspects which make you happy since you are not out there trying to make money. I genuinely think you should not worry if fish do not want to get on the hook for the first hours.

  1. Find a lake that you like going to

fishing in lovely environment

This is very important. You should love the environment that surrounds you. I generally go for quiet, small lakes, those yet to be discovered gems are the best.

  1. Be sure to respect the law

Make sure you have all the permits and documents required by law in order to have a hassle-free experience.

  1. Remember it’s all about the experience

Many recreational fishermen seem to forget that fishing should be a pleasant activity. Do not expect to get the biggest fish or expect to get money out of this. As a recreational fisher, you should concentrate on your experience and pleasure above everything.

That’s all I can think of. If you have any suggestions I am more than happy to hear from you.